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Private Professional Fiduciary Services

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RKO Fiduciary Services provides professional Trust and Estate administration of any size and complexity. Licensed by the state of California, we are a neutral third-party who can serve privately or may be appointed by the court to serve in this role.  In addition, we may also be appointed in conservatorships, and more. Our diverse background and vast experience make us uniquely qualified to handle a wide array of matters. This includes complicated family matters wherein various parties have attempted to resolve issues and have come to an impasse. RKO Fiduciary Services can seamlessly step in as a neutral third-party and provide unbiased, non-judgmental services. Even when family or friends are available, it is often recommended to have an objective private professional fiduciary as part of your team and that is RKO Fiduciary Services.

At RKO Fiduciary Services, we possess a high level of compassion, integrity, and loyalty for each of our clients. As a team of highly skilled professionals, our experience and knowledge are invaluable. We maintain great relationships throughout the industry with specialized resources to best serve the needs of our clients. 

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